A couple of weeks ago we put a quiz on the events page - in case anyone was missing the coffee morning quizzes.  Here are the answers:

What sort of creature is advertising star Aleksandr Orlov?


The BBC Home Service was the predecessor of which radio station?

Radio 4

In the British Army, which army rank is above that of colonel and below that of major general?


Boxing during courtship rituals in March, often depicted moon gazing in art and reaching speeds of up to 50 mph, what is Britain’s fastest mammal?


The medieval Cinque Ports of England include Hythe and New Romney.  Can you name the other three?

Sandwich, Dover and Hastings

What is the name of the head accessory originally created by Lock & Co for Edward Coke’s gamekeepers at Holkham in Norfolk?

Bowler Hat

Name the author of Lord of the Rings.

J R R Tolkien

Name the King who was called Bertie by his family, the eldest son of Queen Victoria.

Edward V11

Which fruit has the varieties Victoria, Sunrise, Strawberry Surprise and Ruby?


What do you call a paving stone that is characteristic of some old steep English hills or of classic cycling races in France and Belgium?


Name Denis Norden’s comedy partner who wrote ‘What-a Mess’ books for children and the memoir ‘A Kentish Lad’.

Frank Muir

Which jockey, who retired finally in 1995, was known as ‘the housewives’ favourite’?

Lester Piggott

Name a culinary ingredient derived from stone fruits grown in groves.

Olive Oil

In which European country is the Gotthard Tunnel situated?


Donald Trump succeeded Barack Obama as US President in 2017.  Which President was in power before Obama?

George W Bush

In 1975, which Conservative politician became leader of the opposition?

Margaret Thatcher

In the 1933 film ‘I’m No Angel’, who said: “When I’m good, I’m very good.  But when I’m bad, I’m better”?

Mae West

What is the new Coronavirus now named?